Who should use the Kids Adventures in Africa series?

Kids Adventures in Africa Book Series was developed with kids in mind, but to say it is only for kids would be limiting its wide reaching scope. That is why anyone with a sense of adventure really is the right audience for this book. All are welcome aboard to explore the boundless beauty of Africa. 

Each book, focusing on a country, will showcase some of the geographical landscape, economical advancement, technological inventions, and social ways- all exhibiting Africa’s great contribution to the world. 


“Reading is a discount ticket to everywhere.”  – Mary Schmich

Families: Gather your family around and invite new neighbours to your home through an exploration of  the wonders of Africa. Learn new places and spaces, cuisine and culture. The style and intent of the book will also make for a great story time read while it piques children’s interest in other parts of the world. It also presents an opportunity of learning new things together as a family. 

Teachers: Kids Adventures in Africa is an ideal comprehensive resource that can be used independently or as a supplement to other material in the classroom. The authentic nature of the book will save teachers endless hours searching information on specific countries and having to sift through right and wrong information. The books can be used individually or as a series. They also have the ability to form part of the base of a geography curriculum. 


“The books transported her into new worlds and introduced her to amazing people who lived exciting lives.” – Roald Dahl


Homeschoolers or Co-Op:  The invitation is to journey through Africa as a homeschool group and get your passport stamped from the different countries. Pit stop to enjoy beautiful scenery, refuel with a new recipe, celebrate culture with a craft. Learn to say hello in a new way and make new friends. Whether you are meeting virtually or in person, this resource will have children zealous for beautiful Africa. The book series is a launchpad into learning other interesting facts and the group can further deep dive into one aspect for presentation to the group. 


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