Discover Africa through arts and crafts

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Discover Africa through arts and crafts


Zoom live class. Discover Africa through arts and crafts



Let’s travel Africa!

This introductory class from Kids Adventures in Africa takes you on an exciting journey to discover Africa!

Learners will have fun learning about Africa and completing hands-on activities inspired by each country.

How do you say hello? What’s the weather like? What do they eat? From Cape to Cairo, we will explore interesting facts through an engaging slideshow presentation. Then we dive into a hands-on activity inspired by the destination. Students will get to learn about the origin of what we will be creating.

We have tried to make these activities as simple as possible so that your kids will be able to do them with little supervision. At the same time, we do include more challenging projects for older kids. All our projects are simple to do at home with stuff you already have at home.
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