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Two mums and friends were struggling to find resources to teach their kids about Africa, the real Africa. So, they decided to do something about it!

Popular media portrays Africa as one big safari, poor and undeveloped. Unfortunately, that is the narrative our kids consistently hear; but that is not the story of Africa.

Through the Kids’ Adventures in Africa series, we are telling the positive story of Africa, country by country. We’ve heard all the negatives. Now it’s time to discover the ingenuity, the diversity, and the beauty of Africa and her people.

We dedicate these books to Africa’s children, young and old. We hope to instill an identity of Africa’s place in the world. To develop an awareness of the important contributions Africa has made and continues to make to cultural expression, social development, and science and industry. As well as to ignite a sense of pride in our identity as African people. and 

About the Kids' Adventures in Africa book series

The Kids’ Adventures in Africa book series takes you on a journey to discover Africa, country by country! As told by children from each country! It’s packed with geography, economics, history, and cultural titbits. You’ll be itching to visit every country in Africa!

Discover what it’s like to live in African countries with this exciting non-fiction book series. Every Kids’ Adventures in Africa book is illustrated with a mix of real-life photos and animations.

We narrate every Kids Adventures in Africa book on our YouTube channel. Join us as we explore the African continent from A to Z.

Our Team


Lebogang Maphada


Lebo M. is the author and cofounder of Kids' Adventures in Africa. She is an Investment Analyst and an Entrepreneur. She has spent most of her career working in finance, number crunching, and conducting research and analysis of African markets. She is passionate about teaching the next generation about Africa's place and contribution in the world economy. Lebo lives in Johannesburg with her husband and 2 children.

Lebo C-Kids Adventures

Lebogang Chindongo


Lebo C. is the cofounder of Kids' Adventures in Africa. She is a homeschool momma by day and digital marketer by nap time. She has spent most of her career as a digital marketing strategist for various brands big and small. Lebo is passionate about local story telling and children’s literature. You will often find her indulging her children with a read aloud while sipping on coffee. Her motto is 'read to children as much as possible'.