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Two mums- one South African, another Zimbabwean/ Motswana – were struggling to find resources to teach their kids about Africa, the real Africa. So, they decided to do something about it! Popular media portrays Africa as one big safari, poor and undeveloped. Unfortunately, that is the story our kids are growing up on. But that is not the story of Africa.

Through the Kids’ Adventures in Africa series, we are telling the positive story of Africa, country by country. We’ve heard all the negatives. Now it’s time to discover the ingenuity, the diversity and the beauty of Africa and her people.

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Discover what it’s like to live in African countries with this exciting non-fiction book series.


Wow! Wow! Wow!!! I read the book last night to my 5 year old, and again this morning to my husband! So informative! I, at the age of 41, have learnt about a country, I really knew nothing about, except what is shared on news platforms! As a homeschooling mom, I give this a huge thumbs up!! Well done!
Tracey M
Homeschooling Momma
This is fantastic! We loved reading it, the kids were so engaged and loved the illustrations. They asked for more! I love the colourful illustrations and the journey instead of facts. There is a lot of information condensed into those pages, but its comprehensive and has a good flow. What a relief from the western doom and gloom, the poverty stricken narrative. We love it!
African Literature Enthusiast
Lebo Maphada is amazing mommy. I want to go on more adventures in Africa. Please read another one.
5 Year Old
Lebo Maphada's Kids' Adventures in Algeria is a book that asks readers to accompany Nadia on her adventure through the beautiful nation of Algeria. We get to see Algeria through her eyes as Nadia takes us on a tour of her alluring country. This book took my daughter & I on a fun adventure through Algeria. Writing it from the perspective of a child made it even more fascinating. Kids' Adventures in Algeria had us marveling at the wonder of a country that has both snowy highlands & the Sahara desert. I found myself adding Algeria to our family bucket list. I reckon that kids will love the beautiful images & tidbits about Algeria. I enjoyed reading this to my kiddo. Definitely recommend.
Travel Enthusiast

A journey to discover Africa, country by country! As told by children from each country!GET YOUR PASSPORT READY

Discover what it’s like to live in African countries with this exciting non-fiction book series. Every Kids’ Adventures in Africa book is illustrated with a mix of real-life photos and animations. 

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